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Ever so slowly.
One little thing at a time.
Finding something I care about.

Yesterday was one of those days when things moved ever so slowly. I couldn't find A. I needed to find B. C and D, it turned out, were missing. I was also going through some old papers. Could anything be thrown out? I came across the photo of the church where my father was buried. His closest friend is in the photo, a lone figure, walking to the church. That friend died several years later. Before I found the photo, it was there, among old papers. But I could not have found it. Now I know where it is.

So, though it was a very slow day, things got done that I care about, and that I find it hard to do.

Doing things that I find it hard to do - that's big on my agenda. For a couple of years I did nothing about the online TV channel I wanted to set up. Last November - 4 months ago now - I enrolled in an online program in order to get moving. And there has been a lot of movement.

Anything else to say today? What do I intend to have done by the end of the day? There's a wellness program I've gotten for myself. I want to get everything together to send out the information to the people on my list. I've done a couple of web pages for the product line. I want to go over them. I know there's stuff I want to add. And there's one more page to do, on the friend who introduced me to the product line. I've already written the first draft of the sendout. I want to go over it, make sure it feels really right to me.

I'm also planning to make another very tiny dent on going through old papers. I'm fine with doing that for just 15 minutes.

Will it be another slow day? It could be.

And now, until tomorrow.

As always, all the best to all of us,


March 22, 2018

church where my father lies

Ever so slowly.
One little thing at a time.
Finding something I care about.

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