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Wildly enthusiastic.
Masses of doing.
Then cold feet.

About a month ago, I heard about Isagenix. I was wildly enthusiastic. My friend's experience with it was fabulous. So were the experiences of the other people I talked with.

I bought a month's supply for myself, created web pages, got ready to send out to people.

Yesterday, cold feet. Because I hadn't only been enthusiastic to try Isagenix. I was sure other people would be eager as well. What if they weren't?

Just think of Islam. You'd think people would be wild with the desire to learn all the fascinating amazing stuff that we're so eager to share with them. But no, anything but!! Conspiracy theories abound - but most people don't want to recognize this verified conspiracy against the West.

And people also hadn't jumped at the chance to learn the earth went around the sun, not vice versa. Absolutely not! Blasphemy!

With health, there are fewer blocks. We keep hearing about the best exercise, the best food, the best supplements. And Isagenix is a large and growing company. A proven 15-year track record.

Will my efforts be part of the growth? Or will they fall flat?

Anyway, yesterday and again this morning, cold feet.


March 23, 2018

PS. By the way, it was a very productive day yesterday - finalizing 2 web pages, creating a third, and finalizing my sendout email on Isagenix. Here's a link to the web page:
Isagenix at the Wellness Emporium

PPS. PS. Yesterday was one of the very rare days when I was ill, fighting some bug or other - feeling too rotten to do anything but work, it seems!! Anyhow, we will see how it all turns out.

Wildly enthusiastic.
Masses of doing.
Then cold feet.

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