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One more thing done.
One more thing faced.
The completion of
The Declaration of Peaceful Intent.

I couldn't sleep last night. So eventually I got to work - on one of the things on a back burner. The Declaration of Peaceful Intent. I was all gung ho to go. Then I hit a minor road block. By the time I had just about everything I needed to get past it, the work that was left felt huge and undoable - a swamp of work - a pit of quicksand. That was in early December. It is now almost the end of March.

I knew the work wasn't huge and undoable. All the same, I didn't get around to facing it and doing it.

Last night, in a couple of hours, I cleared up everything that wasn't finalized in the 4 Declarations I have: for Islamics, for Christians and Jews, for Sikhs, and for Buddhists. I also sent a note to the person who had agreed to do the Hindu version. This morning, there it is, in my inbox.

By the way, I knew I was viewing as a mountain something that didn't even qualify as a molehill. Plus, I knew that the vast majority of the work was done. I had done an interview and edited it. I had created a couple of webpages. I had written and sent out a blog post. I had gotten the 4 Declarations almost finished.

But there it was, a mountain-molehill that, until faced, meant the project could not have a chance to reach more people. You could even say that I was the roadblock, even while aware of being a roadblock.

So . . .

and with that, I knew I would sleep if I closed my eyes. I had slept a few hours finally. Not enough.

Now I'm awake again. My commitment: to finish this today.


March 24, 2018

PS. By the way, here's where you can find the Declaration:
The opening words:
How do we identify who actually has peaceful intent? How do we identify who renounces any calls to violence found in their religious texts? Three friends got together and are sure they've figured out how we can do it.
Declaration of Peacefull Intent

One more thing done.
One more thing faced.
The completion of
The Declaration of Peaceful Intent.

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