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A good week.
One thing after another
that feels good.

It's been a good week. Lots of learning, which is always satisfying. On Isagenix (product line for optimum health). And on a complex energy reading machine (which can read even health problems that have not yet produced symptoms) - quite amazing and accurate, in my personal experience. Today, lots of research on the energy reading machine. And considerable wondering where to go with all the wellness information that I've been paying attention to. How do I pull these things together with my other interests?

Some words come into my head: "Getting paid for being you." That would be exactly right. Now, how do I get that to happen?

No answer, not yet anyway, so . . .

Another part of the good week. The completion of the Declaration of Peaceful Intent, and the revision of the web pages about it. And a good thing that relates to the Declaration: I just heard from the people who came up with the idea for the Declaration: they've thought up a number of great potential places to send it.

That should be enough - even though there's more, a few smaller things.

Anyway, it all feels very good - including that it feels like spring, snow melting, and even (not very glamorous) flies emerging on the windows, which I will vacuum away.


March 29, 2018

PS. By the way, in case anyone you know claims Islam mean peace, download the Declaration of Peaceful Intent, and ask them to hand it to any Islamic they know - or, even better, to go to a local mosque and see what happens when they ask people to sign: http://westindanger.com/declaration-of-peaceful-intent.html
Declaration of Peaceful Intent

PPS. And if you care about wellness, you might want to look at http://yes.wellnessemporium.net/welcome-to-isagenix.html
Isagenix products

A good week.
One thing after another
that feels good.

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