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Easter and April Fool's Day.
2 for 1 -
Strange Holiday Special.

Today - April Fool's Day. This weekend - Easter, the death and resurrection of Christ - and I think also Purim. A strange coming together of sacred days and a very secular fun day - jokes, pranks, laughter.

Is there any possible connection? My sense is we can almost always find a connection if we just look for it. In a way, they're opposites - dark and light, serious and frivolous. We need both. Just one without the other isn't enough.

And here . . . ? Hmmm. Thinking about some very serious stuff (like the threats to the West). A goal for today: an addition to the collection of Declarations of Peaceful Intent - one for people with no adherence to any religion. That's the serious part of the day.

And then, could I possibly do paper work? No, that's not April Fool! That's serious.

One thing that's been happening in my life is more attention to "energy" - always a big interest. Individual energy. Releasing blocked energy. Tapping into deeper energy. There's also "world energy."

It fits with Easter, Purim and April Fool's Day.


April 1, 2018

Easter and April Fool's Day.
2 for 1 -
Strange Holiday Special.

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