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Is this for you or for me?
To connect with you?
To help keep me on track?

Is this for you or for me? Am I writing these posts to inform you, encourage you, connect with you, whatever? Or are they mainly for me - to help me stay focussed, to encourage me by noting what I'm doing, to note when I'm not carrying something through?

I thought of that just now, because I was thinking of writing, in this blog:

I've just started the day with a big reach-out action, writing to someone with a large audience. Not just anyone. Someone who I have the sense may just listen to what I have to say about Islam and also about socially endorsed heros who are actually villains - like Mandela. I wrote to her how how she had been willing to face other difficult truths, to do with her personal life. I hoped she would be able to draw on that experience to face these at least equally important truths.

Will my words reach her?

I don't know.

It mattered to me to write, and to write as well as I could. The last thought that came to me was about her personal experience. It felt very good to include that, especially her personal response, which was to face what happened with integrity.

And then, back to what I started with: am I writing about that for me or for you? I don't know. Probably both.

And I'm thinking of a couple of links to add - for you or for me? For me - I want to reach out with them. And for you - enrichment for you.


April 3, 2018

PS. For truth about Mandela, here are 2 great videos by Stefan Molyneux:
The Bloody History of Winnie and Nelson Mandela
The Truth about Mandela

PPS. And for truth about Islam, my suggestion is to start with my little kids' video:
Islam - Who, What, How - kids' video

Is this for you or for me?
To connect with you?
To help keep me on track?

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