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Is this a wild good chase?
A Wellness Emporium that is about full spectrum wellness?

Ideas in my head this morning - and the question: Is this a wild good chase? The ideas start from Buckminster Fuller's statement,

You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model
that makes the existing model obsolete.

So what's my idea? Instead of wellness segmented (exercise, energy, food, etc), have the focus of one of my sites, WellnessEmporium.net, be full development - which includes mental development, like thinking, valuing facts - and which includes social involvement and attention to social things.

I could, to encourage people to opt in, set up a little Full Wellness Quiz - people could self-score in every area.

And then, my question: is this a wild goose chase, something that will just take energy, give almost nothing?

Anyway, here are some more words from this morning:

The new model: full development, generally missing in our society - development in all areas of our lives, so we flourish fully.

This is both the individual goal, the full flourishing for all individuals, and the social goal, a flourishing society because the people within it are flourishing, including that they’re flourishing in their involvement with their society.

To reach this goal of full development, we need to recognize where we’re already strong, and where we’re weak, lacking.

We need to explore the areas where there’s a frequent lack of development.

And we need to repair the lacks.

In case your response is: but I'm fully developed! please read on.

Western society has taken many steps to recognizing what’s needed for full development - for instance, we need to exercise, we need to eat foods that nourish us, we need to deal with old trauma.

However, most Western societies have missed out on other aspects of what’s needed for flourishing - such as valuing facts, and such as valuing logical conclusions. The gaps here are astounding to anyone who begins to notice. People who may search out every bit of evidence on the qualities of different kinds of rice, often present as facts things that are unfounded beliefs - without showing the slightest awareness that they’re doing this. “All opinions are equal.” “All religions are basically the same.” “It’s wrong to be judgmental.” Yet they would almost certainly not say, “All rice is equal,” or “It’s wrong to be judgmental about rice.”


And the question once more: is this a wild goose chase? Is this a path to nowhere, a road leading to nothing but roadblocks? Will anyone listen?


April 9, 2018

Is this a wild good chase?
A Wellness Emporium that is about full spectrum wellness?

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