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WOW! From an inner no, to:
it feels as if, lately, the universe
has "got my back."

I have just had a video go viral. Over 400,000 video views in 6 days, over 600,000 posting views (via 2 Facebook pages, and 2 Youtube channels).

It's much more than a personal success. The interview is with Tommy Robinson, done just 2 days before his most recent arrest.

Tommy Robinson - the biggest freedom fighter in Britain. He's been speaking out, for over a decade, against the overwhelmingly Islamic rape gangs targeting indigenous British girls. In just one town, for instance, over 1400 girls were "groomed," while the police, social workers and government officials refused to take action.

Masses of people have hailed the interview as the best one ever of Tommy. It's Tommy the person - loving father, a man with a sense of fun and with the courage to take on a massive injustice. Extra important in order to show people what an amazing man he is:


It started with an inside YES TO NOT DOING something I felt I really should do: go to an event that was part of a one-year program I'd signed up for. Actually, the start was an INNER NO: for a couple of months, I dragged my feet about registering, and when I finally tried to register, the first day was full. And I felt relieved. Instead of being frustrated with myself for my inaction, I was happy at the outcome: YES, YES, YES, I'm glad I won't be doing that.

A question I asked myself: was that some self-sabotaging part of myself?

I think not. Just when I would have been away, the video was going viral. And on the 9th, there was a huge Free Tommy demonstration in London. It felt good to be able to watch it, via live streaming.

By the way, I do appreciate other parts of the program. But to this event, a NO!! And had I gone (I could have attended 2 of the 4 days), I might not have had the energy to edit the video before going, or the energy to push it to be noticed by sending to my list, etc.

So it's felt as if some part of the universe "had my back," was on my side, had some sense of what was brewing and wanted me to be able to do what I did. Maybe that part of the universe was on Tommy's side, on the side of justice.

Of course Tommy has not had the universe being benignly helpful!


June 10, 2018

WOW! From an inner no, to:
it feels as if, lately, the universe
has "got my back."

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