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Do you play with your food?
And do you explore ideas, information?

Do you play with your food? I tend to "play" with everything that comes my way - to explore, investigate, go further. Nutrition - body, mind, spirit - I'm always exploring. The world around me, the information I'm given, the people I meet - ever so much exploration. Hmmm, this works, for me anyway. Hmm, that doesn't, is dangerous, can even be deadly.

In 2006 something I hadn't explored came to my attention in a big way - Islam, with the millions of Muslims protesting the Danish cartoons. What was going on? And why was I hearing so much acquiescence from non-Islamics? "We should not offend." What was that about?

That was the start of a long and still ongoing exploration. Quite some journey. So much learning. So much still to learn.

Just now, there's the Pact on Migration - suddenly presented by the UN as a human right. What?? It's the supposed "right" - newly created - of everyone to go everywhere else on the planet, be taken care of. And lots more than even that.

I don't have to investigate to see that this Pact is dangerous.

But there's so much to explore in terms of how best to reach people - because so many people are utterly unaware of this. What would be good steps to counter mainstream media silence? How to get people to reach for information?

All the best to all of us,


December 12, 2018

Do you play with your food?
And do you explore ideas, information?
Do you put together things
you're not intended to?
Like Islam and
the brand-new UN-created "right"
to global migration?

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