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I saved a mouse. I did not intend to.
Here is the story.

I saved a mouse. I did not intend to.

So what happened?

I use a no-kill catch-and-release trap, with lots of food and also water in it. After not finding a mouse in the trap for weeks, I found a mouse in the trap. I went outside, far from the house, to release the mouse. It's late winter, still lots of snow on the ground, so I made breaks in the snow so the mouse could easily get down among the tall grasses.

So far, so good.

I released the mouse.

It did not scamper away. Instead, it took tentative moves, a few inches, in various directions. It was clear to me that it would freeze to death within 30 minutes. So I nudged it (with a heavily gloved hand) back into the no-kill trap, and took it back inside.

I found a large lidded plastic container (not air tight), put lots of food and water inside, and released the mouse into it. I checked in a few minutes. It was busy drinking water. I think the water in the no-kill trap must have evaporated, and the mouse had been dying of thirst.

In another 20 minutes, it was jumping, trying to get out of the box.

Current plan: to feed it well for about a month. Then it will be spring, and I will release it.

Obvious to me: no wonder I'm vegetarian!!!

Update: 4 days later, the mouse escaped, jumping up about 2 feet when I went to check on it. So it's most likely somewhere in the house. But I am not finding mouse traces. I am checking the catch-and-release trap. It has not been re-trapped.

All the best to all of us who care, and act on our caring,


April 6, 2019

I saved a mouse. I did not intend to.
Here is the story.

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