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Butterfly wings and tornados.
What else could a butterfly's flutter start?

We've all heard about the potential impact of a butterfly's flutter. It could cause a tornado around the world.

Recently, into my inbox came an email, contending that World War I was started by a speech by a British politician.

Here's the exact headline - Britain Started WWI And WWII And Both Times Blamed Germany:

According to the article, in 1914, a British politician, knowing full well that the outcome would be a world war, made an inflammatory speech due to Germany's economic rivalry with Great Britain:
British Foreign Secretary, Sir Edward Grey knew what he was doing when he got to his feet in the House of Commons . . .

From all I have read from many sources, no one had any idea, in 1914, that a huge war could be in the offing. There had been a number of instances of brinkmanship.

Still, I found it interesting - even if this contention is entirely inaccurate - that one speech may change what is expected to be just another instance of brinkmanship into a massively destructive war.

So the article caught my attention, not because of the author's contention, but because there is another butterfly effect I'm interested in - the flutter that may shatter Islam, that may reverb at exactly the frequency to get going that particular butterfly effect.

I know many people believe Islam is strong and sturdy.

Likewise, in 1914, most people believed the Austro-Hungarian empire was strong and sturdy. Five years later, along with Germany, it had been defeated, and it was soon dismantled.

Is there a butterfly flutter that will lead to something similar happening to Islam? I don't know. I know it's possible.

I also know it matters, that we each do what we can. Here's a quote from the Talmud:

Do not be daunted by the insurmountability of the world’s grief. Do justly, now. Love mercy, now. Walk humbly, now. You are not obligated to complete the work but neither are you free to abandon it.

In terms of what I'm doing, soon I will be launching a new site, one more effort in the quest to save the West, to save human rights and freedoms:


June 2, 2019

Butterfly wings and tornados.
What else could a butterfly's flutter start?

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