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A very good day,
an amazingly good day.
Right after a dark night of the soul.

Yesterday, such a good day. Productive, fabulous even, in both what I did and in material I watched.

I don't see that this was because of the dark night just the day before.

I see that it has to do with my general orientation - to do what I can to find a solution. One thing: a good night's sleep - that has long been my go-to solution for feeling things are just too much. Other things: do stuff, after that good night's sleep. And yesterday, I also watched a couple of great online webinars that very much addressed stuff important to me. Inspiration.

I don't know what was more important - what I did, or what I watched, which has inspired more doing.

Probably neither was more important. Doing was essential. But the learning is motivating further doing.

Anyway, doing and viewing, after a good night's sleep - that was my recipe for my very good day.

And that's it. Now, time for another day. More doing and viewing.

By the way, not all my good days follow the same blueprint. And my blueprint may be utterly different from yours.

But it felt worth it to put the blueprint down here. Maybe there's something in it for you, for one thing.

And with that, all the best in your days,


August 28, 2019

A very good day,
an amazingly good day.
Right after that dark night of the soul.

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