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The quote:
No, the mountain's not getting smaller.
I've gotten bigger.

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thoughts - Edmund Hillary and Mount Everest - Elsa and Good Thinking

A quote went through my mind today. I think it's from Edmund Hillary, the first person who got to the top of Mount Everest. I think he was asked why he was trying again - third try, if I remember right. After all, the mountain wasn't getting any smaller.

His answer: No, the mountain's not getting smaller. But I've gotten bigger.

I think of stuff I've been undertaking - like doing what I can to stop the bad thinking with which kids are indoctrinated in the West - bad thinking like the opinion (easy to disprove) that all opinions are equal, like pressuring kids not to make any judgments because, so they learn, it's wrong to be judgmental. And that's just one part.

How to get people interested? The subject is not something glamorous or adventurous. It's easy to imagine a movie about the quest to get up Mount Everest .Probably more than one has been made! And Edmund Hillary and other mountaineers have written bestsellers on their quests.

Now imagine . . . the ultimate conquest! the conquest of of a mountain higher than Mount Everest, the mountain of . . . bad thinking!

I can't imagine Hollywood studios lining up to bid for the movie rights! First, there was Star Wars! Next, the new mega blockbuster: The Conquest of Bad Thinking!

Still, today, the conquest feels do-able.

My sense is that, since 2006 when I got inklings of this quest, I've gotten a lot more skills and knowledge - including knowledge about just how big this mountain is!!! I think Hillary with his Everest was, in comparison, taking on something more do-able!!! But that doesn't mean this challenge can't be met! Especially with lots of company. No need for oxygen bottles. In fact, we breathe a lot more freely if we think well!


January 4, 2020

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The quote:
No, the mountain's not getting smaller.
I've gotten bigger.

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