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Elsa's Podcast and Video Blog.
Welcome to this Journey.
Thought, Passion, Creativity,
Learning, Doing, Life.

I have 2 questions. From my side: What do I have for you? And from your side: What's in it for you? But more important than what I have, is something else. An invitation to join me on my journey. That brings me to an inner story, probably my deepest inner story, a story so important for many of us. The Hero's Quest to save, to rescue. Dec 6, 2021 (3:19)

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How to Fail. 5 Excellent Strategies
We think they're our friends. But when we ask, what do we do, they respond with 5 excellent strategies for failing. Dec 28, 2021 (1:11)

Why We Fail. Use Logic. Failure Guaranteed.
We are logical. They are not logical. The outcome is a foregone conclusion. We fail. Next: How to succeed. Dec 28, 2021 (:56)

I have been doing so much learning! Amazing amounts. What about you?

I thought I knew a lot. There was so much I didn't have a clue about. Like the federal reserve. I'm still learning. What about you? Dec 6, 2021 (4:24)

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What do we do with disagreement - like about something we really care about!
I was like a kid in a candy store - all those many dazzling approaches to personal development, all promising huge inner and outer changes. But I came to disagreement - eventually to extremely deep disagreements. I did not ignore them. What to do?

From "Please listen" to putting forward my vision.
"Please listen" is easier, for me anyway, than developing and putting forward my vision. It's an immediate response.
I tried "please listen" many times.
I've had to take the much harder path - building my vision, my approach, my process.

Full Flourishing
My vision: Full Flourishing. Love, yes. Work, yes. Good thinking, also yes. Involvement in society, another very definite yes.
My process: A.C.E. - awareness, caring, engagement. Ongoing. Lifelong.
The first mastermind - amazing. Putting these ideas into action.

Having a Calling vs Calling Irrelevant, and all in between
Some people respond to a calling. Bill Warner, when the second plane flew into the second tower of what came to be called 9/11, came to his calling. Other people step up to the plate, when there is need. A child, it turns out, is autistic. It does not matter if the parents are called to take care of such a child. The question: what do we do, when circumstances "call us."

Wandering in Our Personal Wilderness
Sometimes I'm pulled by a passion, a project. I've also spent time wandering in a personal wilderness - sometimes because I could not find an outlet for my passion, sometimes because things just did not come together, sometimes because of an inner wandering. What about you?

Why now?
So much is going on around us - a friend calls it an extended endurance trauma. Yes. That fits.
Suicides are up. Depression is up. Various addictions are up. Spousal abuse and child abuse and child sexual abuse are up.
And here I come with my gentle approach - small steps, ongoing, to full flourishing.
Why now? Because I'm living now.

Flourishing in all areas
There are dreams in all of us - deep inner stories. In my vision, I reach. In so many ways, I reach.
Helen Keller - deaf and blind, yet she went to university, spoke to huge audiences. She reached.
Clara Barton - she set up the American Red Cross. She reached.
Will this be the way to reach my vision?

Dr Livingstone, I presume
It doesn't matter where it is. It doesn't matter who is doing it. It is wrong, and it matters to stop it. Welcome to Dr Livingstone (1813-1873) - a white man from Scotland in Africa, passionately committed to ending the African slave trade, done largely by Islamics to blacks. (There's lots more to him, but this is the focus here.)
Are you a Dr Livingstone?
Do you support the Dr Livingstones?
Are you unsure? Silent?
Do you disapprove of busybodies like him?

Ski lessons for the inner self
Nothing about skiing is natural for me. You lean into the hill, for instance. And somehow you don't roll down the hill.
A good inner self mastermind is, basically, about learning ski lessons for the inner self - strategies, understandings.

And then . . . what have I been learning about myself?
Very interesting question. One I didn't think of asking until a friend asked me.
So what have I been learning about myself?
A big thing: to reach more and more.
My sense is of coming ever more into myself.

Learning about myself . . . or becoming more of myself?
My sense: much more important to me is becoming more of myself. For instance, there are poems that I wrote 20 years ago. When I read them at the time, my voice couldn't convey the words. Now it can.

Whom can I trust? Where is the truth?
In the US, it's clear that all those claiming to be good guys . . . are not. After the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, instead of Lin Wood getting back the 2 million he had raised for bail, Kyle and his family claim it is theirs . . . and Lin is attacked by Tucker Carlson and many others supposedly on the side of human rights and justice. What is going on?

Bad Anger
No, anger isn't bad. I read a life-transforming piece over a decade ago: anger means something isn't right for us.
The solution. Holding clear and strong for what we want.
But we can hurt others with anger explosions. And we can hurt ourselves.
To make it personal: I can hurt others. I can hurt myself.

Repair after Bad Anger

I know one thing that doesn't work. Deciding we're not going to do it again.
That was what I learned in my family.
There are better solutions.
There can be a short-term solution, like an apology and a do-over.
What about a long-term solution?

A poem about a friend
I used to be a little girl
but I'm not
I used to be a little girl
and I bought
      the myth of me as little girl . . .
Karen Wilson, artist

She left a life of art work on the curb
I couldn't sleep the night I found that out.
I remembered her passion about her art.
And then, so I heard, she left it when she fell in love with someone who did not love her art work.

Staying committed to our creative projects
It isn't easy. In school, being creative is applauded - at least it was at my school. But as an adult, what do with our creative drive. In many ways, the internet hasn't made things easier.
I think of my life, the ebb and, at times, the intense drive.

We've just begun defending freedom
The forces against freedom, as I learn ever more, are way more than I had ever imagined.
The drive, in so many of us, to do what we can, is intense and flourishing.

Just One String
The more I learn, the more I see:

just one string
no matter where you start
just one string
the veil parts
the evil league of hate
the politics of fear and hate
leftwing PC EU UN Nazi Islamic Marxist climate alarmist caliphate
viral terror, lockdowns, masks, election fraud,
treatments blocked, experimental jabs, vaccination caliphate
death to freedom
pull the string

Listening to our inner voices
I don't have only one inner voice. Not do I have only one side.
So what to do?

What about love?
There's a song I wrote a few years ago. I Welcome Love.

What about the deep down drive to reach Escape Velocity?
Both as individuals and as a group, the inner pressure can be intense.

What about the power of good connections?
What has it meant in your life, to have good connections.
I know it matters to look at the lack of connections we've often faced.
But here, now - what have good connections means to you.

Elsa's Podcast and Video Blog.
Welcome to this Journey.
Thought, Passion, Creativity,
Learning, Doing, Life.

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