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A Valentine's Day sad love song.


when your sweetheart is no one 
when you see others play . . . 

background story

This is a song that came into my mind, complete with melody. I'm not a great singer - I would love to be. But sometimes I can hear a melody in my head. This was one of those times.

As often, it took a long time to go from words and melody, to a recording, and a video. Years. Over a decade. The song came into my head February 14, 2002. It was 2012 before a rough recording was done, and 2016, before the recording and video were done.

It took, as so often, my long-time collaborator, Mark - Mark Corwin, one of the most versatile people I've ever met, someone who does dog agility, plays in a classical ensemble, is most pulled himself to electro-acoustic music, has long been a tenured university prof, and now for the second time has accepted to be department chair - and along with that, does a lot of recording.

We've worked together, on and off, for twenty years now. I'm so grateful to have Mark in my life! He helps bring things into being.

This is one of the rare times when you will see him, as well as hear evidence of his presence in the sound design.

Mark Corwin



For the full lyrics:

And here is another song, about happier loving, I Welcome Love:


Valentine's Day sad love song

Sad love song.
Tender romantic broken-heart song.
Not the best Valentine's Day song.

what are you doing on Valentine's Day
when your sweetheart is no one 
when you see others play . . .


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