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Thought glitches - as revealing as Freudian slips.
One thought glitch: one hears of priorities all the time,
except when it comes to freedom of religion.
Then there's dead silence. Brain glitch!

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background story

I love thinking. Some favorite thinking is about the thinking around me - especially the thought glitches, the blocks in thinking, the gaps in logical thinking.

Hmmm, what is going on here, I go.

Over and over one hears: I know what I think. Of course. How could one not know WHAT one is thinking.

That's different from, I know HOW to think well - to search out facts, and use logic.

One thinking glitch.

One hears about priorities all over the place.

What's your priority - having another slice of chocolate cake or keeping your weight where it is? What's your priority - doing the paperwork or panicking when you're way past the deadline?

How much is family your priority? How much is work? How much is napping on Saturday afternoon? Wouldn't it be better to walk the dog?

But when the same people talk about freedom of religion, they tend to talk as if it were the absolute 100% number one priority - or rather, they tend not to bring up priorities. It's as if they'd entered another compartment in their minds, where priorities were not even thought of.

Interesting questions arise: What is going on? Why is this happening? And what happens when one brings up priorities? Is there a way of changing knee jerk responses, in more than one person at a time?



Here are 2 further videos on freedom of religion and priorities (2 minutes, and 10 minutes)
On ElsasEmporium.com:

As for other thought glitches, stay tuned!!


Thought Glitches, as revealing as Freudian slips.
One thought glitch: one hears of priorities all the time.
Except there's dead silence when it comes to talking
about freedom of religion.


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